February 2, 2018

A Good Friendly Bird- Dodo

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 The island of Mauritius before it was colonized lacked a population of mammalian predators, hence, the ancient Dodos which dwelt never needed to use its wings to avoid predators. And it did not stop there. The source of food for these birds in Mauritius was abundant also, and of course easily accessible. For birds, the use of flight is principally for self-protection and for hunting food. Take away this, and the next generation of Dodos accommodated as flightless birds.

The Dodo stands in a variety of 2-3 feet. It was always thought to be a species that was dumb from the early settlers in the islands of Mauritius. To the contrary, Dodos are fairly smart; they just got used to the comfort of the habitat and treat no one as possible threats. If you want to explore other types of bird click at http://www.techno-bird.com/th/nobird-system/.

One of nearest relatives to this flightless bird is the Rodrigues Solitaire, which is just another extinct species of birds living in exactly the exact same area. There are no live and accurate samples of the Dodo since it went extinct in the 17th century as a result of searching for Dutch Sailors and their domestic pets.

The Dodo and the friendly character that it accommodated became the cause for its own extinction. Some blame the laziness of the first settlers in Mauritius, as they resorted to searching these birds that presents no challenge in any way. Because of the susceptibility of the Dodos from predators and domestic creatures foreign to the lands of Mauritius, they confronted absolute extinction. Since the purpose of species extinction isn’t yet taken into consideration at the place in time, records weren’t kept. In result, Dodo’s were treated as mythical creatures until the 19th century.

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