April 21, 2017

Ask the Expert: Investing in the Iraqi dinar

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Financial experts and economists all over the world are stating that the economy of Iraq will rise and stand back and evaluation is much expected in the next years to come.

These experts felt that the economy of Iraq will bounce back and gain power by the year 2013. What led these experts to these assumptions? You can head to http://www.dinarinc.com/blog/vietnamese-dong/ to buy Iraqi dinar online.

It's the slow yet constant increase of the value of the Iraq's currency. There even came a time when 1,000,000 Iraq Dinar is equivalent to $3M. A certain fact that happened before the time of the war that it had.

Another factor that keeps financial experts and economists positive in the evaluation of the said currency is the country's reserves of crude oil.

As a matter of fact, there are still lots of areas which are not yet geographically discovered and explored but with the use of high-tech seismic techniques, these areas will be totally explored and may turn out to be another asset for the country.

At present, the country has a minimum of 115 billion barrels of oil reserves based on a survey but according to its official government, the country still has more and could be one of the largest crude oil reserves in the globe.

With these factors considered, financial analysts are very optimistic that one million Dinar will have an equivalent of 260,000 USD.

 And since the year 2003, the economy of Iraq has shown a significant and constant increase in its conversion and natural reserves.

These could definitely turn for an increase of the value of the country's currency.

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