September 11, 2016

Characteristics and Temperament of German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd is famous for his strong body, courageous and obedient nature. This dog is often used by the police, military and farmers for investigation and search. It is a herding breed and can be an amazing companion for you and your family. It has unique personality traits because it can protect you and your family from intruders and strangers. It is difficult to become a friend with this dog, but once you become

German shepherds can be really energetic as per their size and can be patient, determined and faithful. They are bold, but will not be gratuitously aggressive. If you are living in apartments, then this breed is not good for you. They love participating in the family activities, such as swimming, running, picnic, hiking, etc. You can involve them in mental exercise because they are extremely intelligent and enjoy any work

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German shepherds are the popular breeds of dogs because of their personality traits. They are obedient and loyal to their owners and trainers. They can protect your family without any fear and are so intelligent and quick to learn anything. They are used as a sheepdog, guard and police work. They have strong sniffing abilities and can sniff out drugs and intruders. They can easily detect subversive mines and gas leaks.

They excel in energy and courage in many other dogs and they can perform different activities, such as obedience, tracking, flyball, ring sport, Schutzhund, agility. The German shepherd can be loving companions to families and can do their job without any fear.

The German shepherds are quite different from other dogs because they can’t lie on your couch without any work. They need proper work, such as some mental or physical exercise. If you leave them without any task, they may become ill. They always need energetic work, intensive exercise, and a particular routine keeps them busy.

You should take them with you for an exercise and jog in the morning and train them twice a day to make them obedient. They like long walks with people and can easily handle tough training as well as heavy exercises. A neglected German shepherd is often noticed to chew fruits, digging flowers and involving in another mischief. The dogs require regular access to the open space and outdoor yards. They enjoy difficult tasks.

They have protective nature and require widespread social activities to prevent barking and aggression toward strangers. You should introduce your German shepherd to other people so that they can recognize them. It will help them to behave normally with your friends and family members.

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The German shepherd has a fierce reputation because they can be very aggressive with strangers. They need proper socialization to remain calm and leave aggression. The poorly socialized dogs can attack other dogs as well. It is important to teach the right manner to your dogs to deal properly with other animals.

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