August 17, 2018

Choosing Air Bearing Roller for Increased Life Span of Your Automobile

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The bearings can be found in various types and shapes. A number of them are plain bearings, rolling element bearings, jewel bearings, fluid bearings and magnetic bearings. Yet, the spherical air bearing rollers are effective in the automobile industry because it reduces friction.

When two straight metals are connected with one another, the friction is greater and contributes to the erosion of metals. The air presence is a solution for the erosion of metal. It helps to roll the surface together with different surfaces, so the friction is reduced.

Choosing Air Bearing Roller for Increased Life Span of Your Automobile

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The automobile bearings can be found in radial or thrust bearing or the combination of the two. The choice of bearings is dependent upon the place where they are used. Additionally, the use of bearing airs is dependent upon the load of the vehicle or machine. For heavy vehicles, tapered roller bearings need to be utilized as it's intended to accommodate both axis and radial loads.

Benefits of Air Bearing Rollers

There are numerous benefits of using spherical air bearing rollers in cars. Aside from reducing friction and increasing lifespan, some other notable ones are:

Reliability of services: As it works for smooth rotation, the wearing and tearing of the metal can be reduced and thus the lifespan increases.

Ability to remain undamaged during shocks

Reduce accidents

Increase the lifespan of the machine

High-load carrying capacity

Layout is separable

High-speed capability

Accommodate misalignment

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