February 2, 2018

Cooking Equipment Of Gas Or Electric

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In new foodservice facilities, among the first decisions to become made within the planning stages is exactly what energy source will be used to cook the meals: gasoline or electric power? Because it’s often a matter of the chef’s personal taste, this truly is one of those questions which will continue to be debated for decades.

Without taking sides, the August 2002 edition of Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine did a good job of outlining the advantages of each energy source:

Gas: 1. In general, natural gas is not as costly than electrical power, since it comprises a higher cumulative quantity of BTUs (British thermal units) delivered from the point of extraction to the purpose of use. An example:

A source of 100,000 Btus in the wellhead, which is then converted into power, will have “dropped” 73 percent of its energy from the time it’s moved through power lines towards the restaurant, delivering just 27,000 Btus for real use. Take the exact same 100,000 Btus, maintain it in natural gas form and send it via a set of gas pipelines to the same restaurant, and the restaurant receives 91,000 Btus, a net loss of just 7 percent (7000 Btus). If you want to buy a Cooking Equipment Of steel click at http://ecofittingvalve.com/.

2. Electricity has an extra price, called the demand variable, which gasoline bills don’t consist of. 3. Natural gas does not make extra requirements on kitchen ventilation systems, which can be dependent on the cooking process, not the energy supply.

4. Technological improvements in gas appliances consist of infrared fryers with 80 percent fuel usage efficiency and griddles with constant temperatures on their entire surface. Boilerless combi-ovens which use gas has almost eliminated most expensive combi-oven maintenance issues.

5. Gas-fired bakery ovens create moister products with longer shelf lives. Electrical power: 1. Electric products are much more fuel-efficient overall because the majority of the energy it uses goes into cooking the meals.

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