March 11, 2018

Elevated work platforms and its significance

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Elevated work platforms (EWP), are mechanical devices used for accessing areas that are out of reach. Construction sites, industries, and huge building constructions make use of EWP

Power authorities insist those contractors who make elevated working platforms that reach near very high voltage line, should be HV insulated. Earlier the MEWPs manufacturers created low voltage or non-insulated equipment.

Manufacturing of EWP requires highest engineering expertise.Only reputable companies develop such platforms along with appropriate safety compliance. Working on an elevated platform at a height involves excellent safety measures.


Understand the limitations and capabilities of the equipment

Each product is designed to perform a certain level of work. Therefore, it is essential for the operator to know the limits of the machine and follow the instruction of use whenever operated. It can accommodate specific weights as well as appropriate height limits. It will ensure safety and optimum utilisation of the machine. You should avoid overstraining the equipment as it can be dangerous.

Regular maintenance and checks

A user manual provided along with every elevated work platform equipment instructs you on how to operate. It also tells us about its maintenance for attaining optimum performance. Abiding by these measures, you can reduce the risks of injuries and help to increase the lifespan of the machine. For this, you must get a routine check done especially after using it.

Adhering to all the instructions your equipment will go a long way ensuring procurement of a proper elevated work platform for a particular task.

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