June 8, 2019

Facts About Legal Separation

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Legal separation and divorce are very comparable to each other. In both legal separation and divorce, the same legal functions are performed. The main difference is that in legal separation your marital status is not terminated.

When a couple chooses to get legally separated, it is not easy. They cannot just say that they don’t love each other anymore and move further. They must follow the same procedure as the termination of a marriage.

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In a legal separation, the same matters are addressed as in the divorce. The couple will have to sort out issues like child custody, child support, property division and other issues related to child and property. 

Reasons For Legal Separation

There might be many reasons why parties decide to get legally separated rather than divorce. Generally, there are personal reasons. But sometimes, people choose legal separation due to financial, social and religious reasons. There might be health-related concerns also.

The main reason why couples decide to remain married is either for financial reasons or for the sake of their children.  

There is another reason why couples decide to get legally separated. It is the fact that they are unsure if they really want to terminate their marriage.

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