October 11, 2019

Few Tips to Improve your Inverter Battery Life

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There are many places that do not have a 24×7 supply of electricity. People in these places using either a generator or inverter to meet their electricity needs. However, most families prefer to have inverters because they do not make a noise like a generator. 

Not only in rural areas but inverters are also used in cities as a backup. And you can buy the best quality inverter from Perfect Thai Electric Company Limited (Also known as “ อินเวอร์เตอร์จาก บริษัท เพอร์เฟคไทยอิเล็คทริค จำกัด “ in the Thai language).

Like every other equipment inverter maintenance is also required and, in particular, the battery needs special care because it is the most valuable component of the inverter system. 

Here are some care tips that are very useful for battery inverter.

Use a well-ventilated area for the installation of the inverter. Since the inverter gets heated up during charging and operation, it is important to have an open space to reduce the heat. Airy place will also help in reducing the need for frequent water toppings.


Once installed, use the inverter on a regular basis even if the power outage did not occur. Fully discharge once a month and then recharge it. This will help in increasing the overall life of the battery inverter.

Make sure the water level in the battery should always be maintained between the minimum and maximum water limits. Do not use tap water to top up the battery, because tap water contains impurities, which affect the life and performance of the battery instead use distilled water.

Make sure the battery terminals and outer surfaces should be clean and dry. Use a cotton cloth to clean dirt and brush to remove excess acid in the terminal. 

Apply petroleum jelly to the terminals and the nuts and bolts to keep them free of rust. Rustic quite dangerous for any battery, because it reduces the flow of current and produces a slow charging.

Replace the battery immediately if it is dead or damaged as it may cause damage to your inverter as well as household appliances.

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