July 24, 2015

How To Select The Right Dog Food For Your Pet

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When you are shopping for the right dog food for your pet, you want to pay particular attention to the life stage your pet is at.  As dogs age, their nutritional and vitamin requirements change, so a dog food formula designed for adult dogs, is not going to be necessarily beneficial to elderly dogs.  Most dog food brands have at least three formulas for dogs, beginning with a puppy formula, moving on to an adult dog formula and then an elderly dog formula.  Some dog food brands like Acana Dog Food, go even a step further and have individual dog food formulas designed for certain breeds of dogs.  For example, huskies can develop skin rashes or dull coats, so Acana Dog Food, incorporates additional vitamins and nutrients in their formulas for these particular breads of dogs.  Additionally, some dog food brands will select salmon and fish as their primary protein sources, since they are high in fish oil, that also gives your pet a shinny and youthful coat.

Besides selecting a dog food formula based upon your pets age, you also want to pay attention to the list of ingredients in the dog food, since not all dog foods are created equal.  For instance, Addiction Dog Food uses organic produce and fish and select meat products in their dog food, which of course translates to a slightly higher price.  If you compare it to beneful dog food, which uses cheap filler ingredients, like corn and corn meal to get the necessary protein content, it is easy to see why a dog food brand which uses chicken and meat in their formula would cost more.  However, if you just look at the price and don't inspect the ingredients that go into each bag of dog food, it's easy to choose the wrong dog food, that doesn't provide the necessary nutrients and protein for your pet.

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