November 8, 2019

Is a Good Website Design Important

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Having an old outdated website that functions isn’t enough. If the user isn’t able to get what he wants he will move on to the other site.

If you are easily able to find what you have searched for, it means the website is designed keeping usability in mind.

But that doesn’t mean a good design can only be achieved by investing a huge sum but it can be simple and should work for your business. Let us see why good website design is important.

Digital Face

  • Your website is the digital face of your company and acts as a customer service representative.
  • People who look at your website should have the impression that your service would be as good as your website.

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  • To drive customers to your website, it should look professional and trustworthy.
  • If you have a poorly designed website that looks shabby, customers are sure to choose your competitor over you.
  • When building their services businesses refer to the same resources as studies, pricing tiers, etc. Only what differs is the way you represent it to the users.


If your company has a logo it should reflect on your website so that the customers can recognize your brand.

The design of your website should also be consistent. If the pages have different fonts, if they look different, and are laid out differently the user will find another website to get answers to his query.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Web design not only impacts users but it also affects how the search engine will crawl and index your website.
  • Your SEO strategies like link exchanges and link building can increase the visibility of your website.
  • Seo helps in branding online and it can make your website strong and visible on the search engines.
  • To optimize your website update your website regularly and pay special attention to your landing page.

As more and more people are using mobile devices, make your website mobile-friendly. Also, optimize the URL, have FAQ’s, and have an appealing color combination. Have a simple organized menu and well-defined CTA’s.

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