June 12, 2019

Ways To Clean An Air Conditioning Duct

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Clean ac ducts are essential to get the best from your unit, particularly during warm summer months. Clean ducts also mean there is less dust in the air – dust which may cause or aggravate allergy symptoms and asthma.

Most air conditioning ducts are made out of aluminum. They’re designed to avoid particle buildup but there are problem areas around vents and filters. These parts will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially once you have pets or when there’s a smoker in the household.

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Here are the things you will want when cleaning your air conditioning duct:

  • Five-star mild acid cleaner.
  • A wet/dry vacuum cleaner.
  • A Phillips head screwdriver.

Start your duct cleaning job by switching off your ac unit. You can shut down your unit through the thermostat control or the breaker box. Next, using a spray bottle, apply a mild acid cleaner to the air conditioner coil. Use gloves and eye protection when employing acid. Scrub off the dust and dirt with a small wire brush. Dust and dirt accumulate in corroded coils and have sent through the duct system. Maintaining your air conditioner coils clean helps your unit operate correctly and keeps the ducts remain clean. Scrub the coil thoroughly with water to take the acid out.

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