November 12, 2018

Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

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It is important to choose the right web hosting company. For example, you may be under the impression that a web hosting company provides unlimited bandwidth. But that’s not true. These are common mistakes website owners tend to make.

  • Unlimited bandwidth – A company offering unlimited bandwidth whether if it’s for your phone tariff, or as a website hosting feature, is never being true. Not all web hosting companies offer this feature. Only a reputed companies offer unlimited bandwidth for your website.
  • End up paying Extra – An advertised price is always different than the actual price you end up paying. You may be under the impression that you’re paying less. But in reality, that’s not the case. The price depends on companies where for the first 3 months it is cheap, but afterwards it is becomes expensive. Before choosing the correct web hosting company, make sure you research and read all the details.
  • Not upgrading as the site grows –You will have to upgrade if your website starts getting a lot of traffic. A good hosting company will always monitor the traffic, and other conditions of your website. They will advise you as to what your site needs.
  • Poor Customer Service – A horrible customer service support is what nobody wants to face. Make sure you do enough research and read reviews and history about the company online. Good web hosting company will offer amazing customer service 24×7 365 days for any issues with your website.

Make sure that you buy a web domain before investing in web hosting company.

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