June 15, 2015

What to Do When Garage Door Remote Stops Working

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With the improvement in technology, you can now access your garage conveniently without having to get out of your car. However, it can be so discouraging when you are seated in your car trying to open the door but to no avail. It would even be worse if it is raining heavily and you just have to stick in your car. You can seek advice from local locksmith in Los Angeles in case this happens. You have to understand the working of your garage remote so that you can be able to identify the problem. The remote will send an IR or infrared signal to a receiver which in turn triggers a switch. This will then cause the electric motor to open the door or close it for that matter.

If the remote is not opening or closing the door, you first need to ensure you are in the right distance away from the door and there is no obstruction in the path of the light. If you are within the range and the remote still does not work, it is time to think about other possible causes. You should change the batteries probably they are worn out already. Weak or dead batteries in the remote will obviously not open the door. If the battery is not the problem, you should check the battery contacts then.

Probably there is some dirt or it could be wet and this interferes with the flow of the current. You will therefore need to dry and polish appropriately. It is possible that this still does not make any difference. You can go ahead to clean the eye of the transmitting as well as the receiving device. This allows the signal to be transmitted and received for the door to operate. Well, you could reset the system if all your other efforts do not bear fruits. Learn more on locks at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krRxrTiGNSI.

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